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Your Next Step

Your Next Step

Connecting to Jesus - Foundations of Faith


If you have not been a member of a Lutheran Church before, we've created the Foundations of Faith Class for you!


For some, this is the class where they connect to Jesus for the first time.  For others, it is a way to reconnect or to get refreshed in their connection with Jesus Christ.   If you have not yet been baptized this is definitely the class for you.


During the eight-week Class we will explore basic questions, like: Who is God? What is faith? How do I receive forgiveness? Why do I need a Savior? What is the Lord’s Supper and why did God give it? There are no requirements to attend.  At the end of the class, if you are not yet baptized, you will be invited to be baptized and to confirm your faith in Christ Jesus.   


Our next class starts November 11 @ 9:30am - 10:30am   Register (click here)


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Connecting to Faith - Membership Class 


"How do I become a member at Faith Lutheran?" The answer is  Connecting to Faith – Membership Class  your next step.  


Everyone who becomes a member takes this class (even our pastors and teachers). Connecting to Faith - Membership Class- is a three-week class (on Sunday mornings) or a one evening class on a Tuesday (each month) for believers who want to connect and become a part of our Faith Family.


Connecting to Faith - Membership Class explains the importance of belonging  and becoming a member of Faith Lutheran Church.  We will answer questions like:  What does it mean to be a member of Christ’s church family and part of the Faith Family?  How do I get connected?  What is expected of me as a member?  What can I expect of my Faith Family? These and many other questions will be answered in Connecting to Faith – Membership Class.  The only requirements to attend are that you are baptized and confirmed in the faith.


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